Saturday, March 21, 2009

Movie Review: Street Fighter

She is pretty. She can fight and play instrument very well. But she is angry almost all the time.

This was the second time catching movie with both Desy and Devy after Madagascar 2. It poured hard all afternoon so I waited for the rain to stop at Desy's place in Toa Payoh after lunch at Toa Payoh Hub. I had a lot of laughters and loads of childhood nostalgic talks with Desy. I bet not so many people would understand this, unless we grew up from the same realms or at least similar upbringings.

I am so going to miss this girl real bad when she goes back to Indonesia next May. I must admit that I don't get to meet many people with her candor and wisecrack potentials. God, I don't want this! What would I do without her?

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