Saturday, March 7, 2009


When the woman said no to the man's proposal, he got frenzied. He threatened her and one bad day, all his threats turned into violence. He threw acid to her face. Now the blinded woman wants the same fate to the attacker. She demands the ancient punishment of "an eye for an eye". It's granted.

Justice is justice, the spurned suitor indeed deserves the same pain that he had caused to the woman but still, I find this kind of cruel punishment is rather uncivilized to be carried out in a supposedly civilized world, like today. Another proof that this complicated world has gone crazy each day.

Blinded Woman Demands Eye-for-Eye Justice

Iranian welcomes harsh punishment for suitor who blinded her with acid
Associated Press, March 4, 2009

MADRID - An Iranian woman living in Spain said Wednesday she welcomed a Tehran court ruling that awards her eye-for-an-eye justice against a suitor who blinded her with acid.

Ameneh Bahrami, 31, told Cadena SER radio, "I am not doing this out of revenge, but rather so that the suffering I went through is not repeated."
Late last year an Iranian court ruled that the man — identified only as Majid — who blinded Bahrami in 2004 after she spurned him, should also be blinded with acid based on the Islamic law system of "qisas," or eye for an eye retribution, according to Iranian newspaper reports from November.
Two eyes equal to one?
But Bahrami, who moved to Spain after the attack to get medical treatment, said Wednesday that under Iranian law, she is entitled to blind him in only one eye, unless she pays $25,110, because in Iran women are not considered equal to men.

"They have told us that my two eyes are equal to one of his because in my country each man is worth two women. They are not the same," she told Cadena SER.
Bahrami explained that she was now waiting for a letter from the court to go back to Iran for the punishment to be carried out.
Cadenda SER said that after undergoing treatment in Barcelona, Bahrami recovered 40 percent vision in one eye but since then doctors have not been able to prevent her from going totally blind. She also suffered horrific burns to her face, scalp and body.
She says she now survives on $500 a month in aid from the Spanish government.
The woman said Majid would be blinded by having several drops of acid put into one eye, whereas she had acid splashed all over her face and other parts of her body.

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