Saturday, March 7, 2009

The Definition of Soon

Each time someone leaves the company, what is his or her favorite farewell message?

"Let's keep in touch!"

And what do the other remaining colleagues respond?

"Yes, sure! We shall meet up again some time soon."

The reality is, how soon is soon? Apparently the definition soon here varies from one week, one month, three months, ten months to one year or even longer to see each other again. It takes a lot of efforts and willingness to synchronize our new agendas and really make time to meet up with ex-colleagues.

Tonight, Iris and I officially met up with Celia, our dear ex-colleague and ex-lunch buddy in my company. Thanks to our mounting workloads, we occasionally only manage say Hi via MSN or SMS but don't really say Hi in flesh. Apparently 10 MONTHS have passed since we promised that we would see each other again, catch up and etc some time soon after she left the company. A promise is simply a plan if not backed with action.

This Friday evening, we promised to meet up at 6.20 pm at Raffles Place area. Celia came on time. Iris and I were still held back at work and only managed to get out from the office at 7. Celia had grown roots in front of the OUB Center and already finished her Mr. Bean's soya milk by the time we saw her.

Then we decided to head to Suntec, had Subway as dinner, got a bag that Celia had been eyeing for some time and did a lot of browsing. Shopping attempts were not successful. We did not get the clothes that we wanted, instead Iris and I got our unplanned goodies from Charles & Keith.

Iris and Celia - photo taken when we were queueing at Citylink's toilets

10.30 pm - the end of the get-together. To be continued again sometime SOON!

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