Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Blur Agar-Agar

Each time I have my lunch at Mei Hua Food Court, to satisfy my sugar tooth I always get the Agar-Agar sold in the Fruits and Juice stall. I don't know why but I find this healthy jelly is very addictive and somehow I could not resist not to get it each time I have my lunch at this Food Court. It's almost like a must menu for me.

Usually I'd get the Agar-Agar myself at the Fruits and Juice stall instead of ordering it from the waiters. The uncle who mans the Fruit and Juice stall already knows me well and always know what I usually order. One or two Agar-Agars. Any color is fine but the orange-colored one is always my top buy.

Yesterday after Lunch at Mei Hua, Weny and Netty decided to call the "Juice Uncle" and order their fruit juices from him. Then I decided to order my "take away" Agar-Agar from him as well and asked him to delivered it to our table together with the girls' fruit juices. This new young "Juice Uncle" is friendly but barely speaks English. It is pretty obvious that he just came from PRC.

As per my usual order, yesterday I asked for one orange Agar-Agar. My favorite one.

Not long, this new waiter shouted at us from the Fruit and Juice stall and reconfirmed on my Agar-Agar order. He said, "One orange Agar-Agar, right?". Netty replied, "Yes. One orange Agar-Agar." I nodded too.

Few minutes later, he walked to our table and brought our orders, two juices and my Agar-Agar packed in a small plastic bag. From afar, I could tell there was something wrong with my order.

Instead of giving me the orange Agar-Agar that I wanted:

Mango-flavored orange-colored Agar-Agar
He brought me:

One peeled fresh Orange


One Rainbow Agar-Agar

I was shocked when I realized what he brought me. Three of us could not stop laughing. He showed confusion on his face and grinned. I wasn't angry. I still paid him and didn't bother to explain or ask him to change my order. I still could eat those anyway. Everything was understood and it was just funny! I've learned my lesson, next time I have to be very careful with my order: say orange-colored Agar-Agar or get the Agar-Agar from the stall myself.

Blue monday suddenly became slightly colorful for about one hour.

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