Monday, March 9, 2009

Back to Square One

Thanks to the MSG overload, my six weeks of patience and determination in watering my plants every single day from seeds to young green living beings now are so vain. I mistakenly put too much MSG powder around the plants last Saturday and the next morning I found my sunflower plants feeble.

I think I was too energetic in enhancing their growth and now they just stop growing at all. Since they looked so hopeless and lifeless, this morning I decided to pull them out from the soil and spread new seeds again.

Lesson learned for an amateur gardener after killing her own young plants: A decent amount of MSG powder must be applied in the soil around the plants (ideally once a week), but we can't put the MSG powder too near the roots or the plants as the chemical substance could be too strong for them. Everything must be given in moderation.

Anyway, my Balsams still look stronger as ever after the MSG but my relatively slow growing sunflower babies clearly cannot take the flower gourmet powder too much.

Balsam - Week 6.

Sunflower - Week 6/Day 0.

Now, I am back to square one after week 6. *SIGH*.

So sad. My goodwill has resulted in disaster.

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