Tuesday, March 17, 2009

AH Tour

Amongst the 18 FM practitioners I invited to speak at my Facilities Management Indonesia Conference in Jakarta last January 2008, I invited Stewart Tai, the Facilities Manager of Alexandra Hospital (AH), Singapore. AH is a small public hospital in west Singapore built by British soldiers.

Last year, Stewart came to Jakarta accompanied by his wife. At the Conference he gave the presentation about the Eco-friendly facilities and showed many pictures of AH. I was impressed by his program and told him that I would be interested to see all these some time. Stewart is a Malaysian subject with home in Penang. I found Stewart was an incredibly nice, friendly, down-to-earth and soft-spoken person. Post conference, we kept in touch and often say hi over emails, phone or text messages. About four months after the Conference, he came over to Raffles Place area and invited me for lunch. That was the last time we saw each other.

Last Friday, around 8 am I received a text message from Stewart. He asked me whether I would be free to come to AH as he would be giving a guided tour to some government official at 9.00 am. He was always very busy and hence never really showed me his facilities as promised since last year. I texted my supervisor and I was asked to go.

I took a cab and showed up. I joined the group. I was clearly the youngest participant there. All the "tourists" were around 40 - 50 years old. Apparently there is a BCA Universal Design Contest for Built Environment 2009 going on and these people are the judges coming from various organizations and universities. They came to AH to give commentaries on the facilities.

Lucky me, I had a tour around AH that not so many people are privileged to. I joined the group for about 40 mins then after they all dismissed, Stewart continued to show me around some places that the group did not manage to see in AH.


AH Child Care Center

AH Club House

Geriatric Rehabilitation Center

Rehab center for the post-stroke patients

Stewart Tai explains the facilities of AH's VIP room

Patient's Daily Activities Schedule in AH

Singapore Zoo - themed Public Toilet

Flowers-themed Lifts

Plastic patient at the Training Room

The Library

The Park

The Secret Dungeon during the World War

AH is indeed an environmentally-friendly hospital. A true amalgamation of parks and hospital. The themes of the hospital are gardens and flowers, mainly the flowers that are grown in the hospital gardens themselves. Hope AH wins the Award!

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