Sunday, February 22, 2009

Sunday's Agenda

Today was indeed a very active Sunday.

I skipped church again as I woke up incredibly late. Last night, I was busy playing with my laptop til late and totally forgot to put my alarm on. As a result, I woke up at 9.30 this morning. The service starts at 10. I could not risk my face again, so I decided to skip it today. God, please forgive me! Clearly, I have inherited this famous Indonesian trait of always being late. I don't know why but I am always late.

Once, I arrived church when the service had already finished. When I came, people were doing fellowship already so I directly joined the crowd. Then the home pastor bumped into me and asked how come he did not see me during the service. I told him I was very late and sat in the back... Then, I went back home. Bad girl.

Today's big plan was to meet up with Desy, my ex Serangoon housemate. First to have lunch in Dhoby Ghaut then accompany me to Sengkang. I have not seen her for almost two months and I missed her. It was very good to see and talk to her again. I always enjoy her bubbly disposition (to balance my 'quiet' one) and superb sense of humor (to level mine). 5 years gap means nothing here. I barely feel the generation gap. Lots of people say that we look like sisters. My own sister hardly looks like me and her sister does not look like her either. Strange huh? Tell me about it.

Desy Tako, Clarke Quay, 9 September 2008

Not long, as we both were starving and saw Cafe Cartel was in front of us; we could not bother going up and down to find other restaurants so we decided to try Cafe Cartel in Plaza Singapura.

We ordered menu number 905 and 920. After a while, no food came and our stomachs started growling. I asked the waiter, "How long more do we have to wait?" Then, still nothing. 30 minutes later we checked again, "Where is our food?". Another waiter checked with the kitchen but still nothing was served. 45 minutes later, Desy asked them if they have put the order in. Apparently not yet. I stood up and told the waiter, "It's OK. We are leaving". We burst out and decided to go somewhere else. How disappointing.

Could not find a seat at the Nasi Lemak stall in the basement, we chose to go to Pizza Hut and grabbed its set lunch. BBQ Chicken Pizza for me and Hawaiian Pizza for her. Good food and good service.

I think the waiters in Cafe Cartel need to take a Diner Dash course. Take the role of Flo and learn from her that customers have hearts that indicate their mood and different degrees of patience. The longer the customers are forced to wait, the more hearts she loses. When she loses all the customers' hearts, they will leave the restaurant!

Diner Dash

After our late lunch, we rushed to Sengkang. I needed to attend Johnny's house warming party there. It was pouring hard and we waited for a cab at the wrong taxi stands twice. Hence, when we arrived there, it was pretty late already. As a first comer to Sengkang, I hope to be tolerated. Johnny's new home is very very nice. Very homey and modern. The new interior is really like a condo's. I like it.

After a crash visit at Johnny's, we checked out the Compass Point Shopping Center, Sengkang. Nothing much to shop there but it is indeed a very crowded mall. Lots of interesting food but too bad we were full. We visited a travel agent for fun, asked about this and that budget packages. Suddenly, both of us were full of plans to having an overseas trip very soon. We are now contemplating whether we should go to Hong Kong or Malacca.

Compass Point Shopping Center, Sengkang

No more interesting place to check in that mall, so we went back to Bishan by bus 156. For me, riding bus is always relaxing (only if we manage to get a seat of course, otherwise it's kind of torturing). The long trip was good for long chat with best friend. Later on, we came out with our new resolution: To explore different places in Singapore before Desy leaves Singapore for good in May. Not much time left to do everything, huh!

We were tired but somehow still made a stop at Junction 8. Checked some boutiques. Nothing good. So, I ended up getting my groceries there.

Junction 8, Bishan

Finally, at home! I'm tired and feeling like crashing to my bed in a minute!

Shit, tomorrow is Monday again.

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