Thursday, February 5, 2009

Newton's Farewell Feast

After three months of separation, finally my Serangoon ex-housemates and I gathered again tonight. Tomorrow Veronica's will be departing to Melbourne (midnight flight) to pursue her Master degree and I guess I won't see her again until the end of this year, at least. That's long.

Courtesy of Fesia, we all were invited to her birthday dinner at Newton Food Center. A place that is so familiar to me but never actually had a chance to finally go and feast there until tonight. Veronica and Pik Jiang have promised me to go to this place since long time ago. I faithfully waited. And here we were tonight! Feasting at Newton Food Center. (Warning: nothing glamorous about this eatery, just like the other hawker centers in Singapore. I am exaggerating it.)

Attendees: Fesia, Hansen, Adi, Veronica, Pik Jiang, Christine

What we ordered for Dinner tonight:

  • Sambal Grilled Sting Ray
  • Oyster Omelet
  • Kang Kong Balacan
  • Mixed Satay
  • Sambal Squid
  • Deep Fried Baby Squid
  • Sweet and Sour Chicken
  • Chicken Wings
  • Steamed rice
  • Mixed Tropical Fruits - courtesy of Stall no. 39 for the Birthday Girl

Then, after catching up and clearing all the food on the table, we decided to have a nice long night stroll from Newton to Orchard while lightening our swollen bellies.

We parted in front of Meritus Mandarin where Veronica stayed. Then, I took the train from Somerset to get home.

What a lovely night to be with good companions! Too bad we can't have this everyday! Truly miss those days in Serangoon. *sob*

** I forgot to take pictures. All of the pictures were free downloaded from the internet. The food that served tonight did not exactly look like them, but similar enough.

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