Sunday, February 22, 2009

A Mundane, Mundane Life

This afternoon, an old friend of mine mentioned to me how empty and monotone his life is now. Life is okay but some how it is just rather meaningless. I must admit I do feel this too some times (maybe partly because I'm still single now?). However, later on a girl friend here also confirmed me that she often experiences this feeling too although she now has found her love.

I just feel the words 'empty and monotone' are just perfect to describe the feeling of some of us who are currently living routine lives even tough we are pretty much occupied with a lot of things most of the time.

Yes, we are busy and life is always hectic. We always have work that need to be sorted out from 9 am to probably 9 pm, from Monday to Friday.

Yes, we have other activities outside work, hobbies and active social lives to fill our weekends and spare times.

Yes, we have good and loyal best friends to talk to and hang out on weekends.

Yes, we have a loving family back home to ring when you miss them or to share stories with.

Yes, have chosen our own belief system to define our personal convictions.

Things already look alright and normal. But why does loneliness often attack regardless where you are, whether you are in a small town or in a lively city-state like Singapore? Why do we think life is just so empty whether you are single or attached? What is lacking here? Clearly going home is not the answer to this life hollow either (just yet).

Only time will tell I guess as we, human beings, are just to supposed live life on daily basis.

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