Sunday, February 22, 2009

Movie Review: He's Just Not That Into You

Movie of the Week:

Just as interesting as its title, I think the movie was captivating, funny and entertaining. It was great to watch with a bunch of girlfriends on Saturday night then talk about it after wards. Rest assured, the discussions following the movie's moral could really go on and on and on, all night long.

This movie shows the reality of how complex the paths that human beings have to go through in finding the One, especially in a modern life like today. Somehow, finding love just takes a lot efforts, hopes, misreadings, failures and it certainly involves more than just a physical attraction. Men's and women's reactions to and expectations from love can vary. And, those who might have already found it, can always lose it too if it is not nurtured.

I wonder if the process of finding love was as complicated as this movie shows back in the olden days, during our grandparents times...

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