Friday, February 27, 2009

Impaired Exploitation

On my way home this evening, I saw an old blind man selling tissues outside Junction 8 and Bishan MRT Station. He looked damn pitiful. One hand was holding a stick and another hand was holding five packs of tissues. When I almost reached my destination, Bread Talk, I decided to walk backward and buy his tissues.

I handed him a $2 note and he said, "Thank you Miss... How many do you want?" I said "Mmm one is enough. Thank you." I took one pack from his hand then he softly and politely said, "Thank you, Miss. Thank you. God bless you." I was touched by his politeness. Then I continued my journey to Bread Talk.

When I was queuing at Bread Talk's cashier, I saw from a far that the old man was walked by a woman to move from his initial standing spot and be located to the opposite side. I thought another person claimed his spot as usually I see another blind lady sitting there and selling her tissues. But that was not the case.

Later on I saw him standing in different side of the space outside Junction 8 and the two seats behind his first standing spot were used by two women. Maybe these women were his family members or companions from a voluntary organization who were supposed to assist the blind man. A strange feeling just hit me when I saw that situation, how come these two healthy and relatively young women could do this? Just sitting there and happily chatting when the almost crouched old blind man had to stand opposite them selling tissues, for pennies.

I honestly could not be bothered by the fact of where my money would go when I bought his tissues. To his pocket or to someone else's (i.e. these women). At all. It was all pure charity. I just could not stand the fact that these days, there are a lot of people use disabled persons to make money whilst the healthy ones virtually do nothing and get to enjoy the money at the end of the day.

I am sure that a little bit of humanity would work wonders here.

Darn! I should have taken the pictures of this situation this evening.

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