Sunday, February 1, 2009

Movie Review: Chandni Chowk to China

Normally, I like to watch movies and only go for good movies which make me think. This one indeed made me think.

I just could not stop thinking, how on earth could I agree and go to watch this movie?


I could not believe that my friends dragged me to catch a wacky movie. It was a 1.5 /5 stars movie according to the internet rating. I did hear some birds said the movie was good though.

I thought it was a comedy show in English. Something like Borat's mockumentary comedy, which I don't usually go for.

I thought the movie would use Hindi only at the beginning of the movie just as an introduction or something, but Hindi and a little bit of Mandarin were spoken throughout the movie. Literally no English spoken, only the subtitles.

The plot-less and goofy showdown at the first 30 minutes was torturing. My back started to ache after 1.5 hours as I kept sliding on my seat.

I (still in denial) watched the notorious Indian musical and bonbon dances in A C.I.N.E.M.A.

For 3 hours!

I just could not believe I actually spent $ 10 to watch a Bollywood Comedy in the cinema!

The gist of this movie was all about turning a frog into a prince charming. A low lethargic and clumsy vegetable cutter from India's Delhi's busy market becoming a Kung Fu hero in somewhere around the Great Wall, China.

But after all my procrastinations above, I must say the movie was entertaining though. Just O.K. to wind down on Saturday evening with bunch of friends (especially, for those who like sappy movies).

My Ratings:

Silly? No question about it.

Did I laugh? Yes.

Entertaining? Yes, after I passed the first two hours. As I said, the first 30 minutes were unbearable. It got slightly better afterward. Turned out, it actually had a story after it past the second hour and was kind of (better) amusing and watchable than high-dose Valium Oscar's Rachel Getting Married I caught last week.

Was the leading actor handsome? (Shyly) Yes, the Indian leading man was delighting the eye after he shaved, cleaned up and mannered. He had a toned and built body too. Haha. *Blushing*

Would I watch it? Probably no, had I known about it.

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