Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Tuesday, 11 February 2009. 13.01. Lunch time.

I received a very funny and cryptic text message from my Boss. It says one word:


My imagination went wild. What happened now? What does this BIG ! mean? Does he want the conference title to be bigger on the brochure like he said earlier this morning? Is there a big problem in the office? Or worse, big problem with my program?

I was worried. Then, I replied: What big? I will go back to the office in few minutes.

I rushed back.

Turned out he sent this BIG ! text message to everybody in the department. They all were as confused as me.

This BIG ! SMS actually referred to an email with the same title he sent to everyone this noon. It was a BIG ! motivational note from him to make us produce better programs.

Dear Producers,

I want you to think BIG from now on. Make your event BIG (if not, sounds BIG)
Dream and hope for BIG returns.

  1. Get BIG names to speak.
  2. Get BIG companies involved.
  3. Get BIG sponsorship bucks.
  4. Use BIGger names for your conferences.
  5. Get BIG major official publications.
  6. Get your brochures done with BIG impact.

It is not easy to be a BIG player but it is not impossible. It is all up to YOU to make it BIG!


Share with me more BIG ideas today!

Oh my God! This BIG ! notification indeed scared people BIG ! time. If it was sent in a better time and in a full sentence instead of a mere BIG ! word, I am sure everyone would understand the BIG ! intention behind the BIG ! message. I could not stop laughing.

But all he said was true though. If everyone does not think BIG and make BIG events, how to survive in this business? Producers are tired of single digit number of delegates...

(I wished to reply back - With BIG budget, all these are not impossible.)

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