Thursday, February 26, 2009

Beauty Secret Debunked

This afternoon we had an unexpected guest. Sherry dropped by to Bharat Building as tonight she is flying back to China for a month. She wanted to say goodbye to us. She said she misses us and so do we. It's just sad when Iris and I turn our head to the right side, we now see Sherry's empty desk.

Guess what?

After one solid week, Sherry looked so radiant. Her skin was glowing. She could not stop smiling. She was overjoyed. She might be perky because she will finally see her home and family again within hours, but clearly she was too happy with her new carefree life. I guess, in her case, losing a job may not be a disaster after all but it was rather a blessing.

This is truly a new beauty secret demystified. No pills. No needles. Just quit doing the things that we can't enjoy anymore.

Back then, I did a part time job as a waitress in several restaurants in Amsterdam. Main motivation was to grow stronger character, learn how to survive in foreign land and earn extra income (5 Euros per hour was indeed not bad at all).

After several months and few different restaurants, I then realized how I despised doing this waitress job. I really despised it to the extent that I started to drag my feet to the restaurant each time I had to do my shift. I started counting the hours down before I left the house for work as I was horribly lazy to head to the restaurant.

One fine day, I just quit my job although this being said, there would be no more extra cash for me. But I did it with no regret, to date. I was completely happier and felt no more pressure from having to do this waitress job anymore. No more 5 Euros per hour was completely worth my new life. I started to enjoy the Netherlands. Amsterdam in particular.

One evening, my ex-colleague, Constantijn, asked if I was going to do the part time job after the office hours. I proudly declared to him I have quit my job. He asked, "Why?" I replied, "Mm.. I just don't like it anymore." He looked at me and then said, " Good!". Then he gave me a grin. Another affirmation.

There is no better way to look so good other than being lighthearted - no more stress and tribulation from doing the things that we don't take joy in. Suffering in silence for too long is strictly pointless. For those who of late feel the toss, let's look forward to that 'time' to come. Everyone will have their own timing.

I always dream of a time when I can just do nothing but chill, relax and savor every second that passes by. No more guilt from running out of time all the time and feeling that time just flies too fast.

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