Friday, February 6, 2009

A 19-Year-Old's Wisdom


On a casual phone chat from home last Tuesday night:
Juan: Hey, I feel like going to Singapore this May. I'd be having my holiday then.
Me: Great... Please come here. Oh GOD, I am so excited. I want to show you a lot of cool places here. I can't wait to take you eat here. Hehehe...
Juan: Yeah, never been there before. I really wish to go.
Me: Yeah. Go. Go then. I am so thrilled now. But, you never went overseas alone. Do you know what to do inside the airport? Do you know which gate to go to?
Juan: Yeah... But I want to go overseas alone. It will be challenging. Hehehe...
Me: Hmmm... Maybe we should get the stewardess to help you... Oh and how about your ticket? When do you think we should buy it? How much is it? What about Lidya? Doesn't she want to go as well?

But what about blah blah blah....

What if blah blah blah...

Juan: Why are you so panic now? It's in May. Long time from now. Don't think about it just yet. Hang on. I give you a verse.
Me: What?

Lidya: Hey!
Me: Where is Juan? Where did he go?
Lidya: He said he wants to give you a verse.
Me: Give me what?
Lidya: A verse.
Me: From where?
Lidya: Dunno. Wait. Here he is.

Juan: Hey, listen up! "Do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own".

Me: Wew...! What the heck?? Why are you giving me that?
Juan: Don't know. It just suits you.
Me: Since when you become so religious like that, huh? Giving me a Bible quote like that. But I already know it though. That is my game rule too. I quote that in my Friendster's shout out. Matthew 4:26. Correct?
Juan: Hang on. Let me check. OK. Wrong. It's Matthew 6:34.
Me: Oh, OK then. Never mind. Close enough. Haha.
Juan: Hmmm... Yeah, yeah. You already know about it but you never apply it. Just like all my other advices to you. You forget. You don't apply.
Me: OK.OK. Sorry. By the way, tell me why did you suddenly give me that?
Juan: You always think so much. Don't worry too much. What for? You are thinking about things that are still far away. You are seeing a Fata Morgana.

Me: Seeing what?
Juan: FATA MORGANA. Then, you are having euphoria because of that. You think about something instantly and I believe you will think about it for quite some time. Thinking about uncertain things. Just don't think about things like that. Let's just wait and see. No point. Take it easy. Chill and enjoy. Don't hesitate to spend money on the things you like. You work so hard, you deserve to spend some of it. Just enjoy life.
Me: Hmmm... Yes. You are right. I always think too much. I worry about things that are still unclear. I stress out over small little things. How come your older sister (Lidya) never had this wisdom when she was at your age, huh? Hahaha...
Juan: Wahahaha... Lid... Christine said you were not as wise as me when you were at my age.
Me: Hey Hey.. Dude! Ssshh.. Why are you telling her about this!!

Lidya (on the background): Hah? What? Hahaha... Sialan!

Fata Morgana and Euphoria (Words that I barely use in my daily conversation). Gosh! I just needed them. Some senses for my head. From my little brother who apparently is wiser than me and knows how to handle an anxious sister, a real thinker one. But, for some other things, I am still wiser than him though. He looks for me when he contemplates. And I knock wisdom to his head too, half of the time.

My brother.

Thank you so much, Juwww! You always keep me on the ground. Your reminders and helps always come just in time.


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