Sunday, January 11, 2009

Welcome, 2009!

I should have done this (i.e. updating my dear newly blog) exactly last week, but I have been so knocked out readjusting with my back-to-normal routines in the past 6 or 7 days. My office work has pretty much driven me insane last week.

Today is exactly one week after I officially returned from my longed holiday at home. As expected, after boundless desire to have my Christmas Holiday, I finally had it in a blink and now, here I am, back to my normal life in Singapore again. Hectic and stressful life as usual. Don't follow my path, people. Not good for your health.

Resolution for 2009: Stop worrying about the things that you can't control! Don't be so hard on yourself.

Before these beautiful recollections fade away, here are the great things and habits that happened prior and during my just-over-holiday in my beloved Parijs van Oost Java that I want to record:

1. Diving into the euphoric of going home soon. It is indescribable and addictive like morphine. I just always want it more and more. It came in the forms of the euphoria that I had as I was really looking forward to see my folks, big family, old friends and of course my siblings back home. I had this feeling at work, home (in Singapore), shopping malls, airport and wherever. It starts usually 2 weeks before my departure day and lasts to 1 hour before my flight lands to Surabaya Airport. Not mentioning, the shopping craze that I love to do before going home. Buying some stuff as oleh-oleh for my family back home for me is the best retail therapy ever.

2. Seeing my Dad picking me up at the Airport in Surabaya. This is also one of the rarest good thing that I only manage to experience twice a year. I always look forward to see him first before seeing my whole big family and hate the times when he has to send me off in the Airport when I have to go back overseas. That's why, this time around, I opted to go back to Surabaya with the courtesy of a friend's ride. Anyway, we all love Hellos a lot more than Good Byes, don't we?

3. Dinner for 3 at Pizza Hut Malang footed by me. It is just a normal dinner that I usually spend with my dearest little brother and sister. I don't know why but, on the first night of my coming back to Malang, I always choose to dine at this international-widely available restaurant with my siblings. Two must have menus: Salads and Super Supreme Pizza.

4. Catching up with my hilarious cousins and siblings: Juan, Lidya, Cie Siu Yun, Lia and Fandy. We can joke and laugh out loud all day until my stomach pains. Only then, you'd see the true me.

5. Visiting Dampit. The euphoria of visiting this village is always there. I just love to go there: see the wet market, my grandma's house and small shop, my aunt's place, etc - There's just too much childhood memories in this place. Finally, I had the chance to visit my beloved Grandpa and Uncle and my recently departed Aunt's grave in Dampit.

6. Karaoke with siblings and cousins. This is the first ever singing activity that we've ever done. Started just last year. Bored at home, we just decided to go out after 9 pm. So we drove out and tried to find a room in any Karaoke place available. The first night, we spent 2 hours in Happy Puppy Karaoke and I dominated the microphone. Not so bad and really fun, especially my duet part with my baby bro. We sang his fave song: MLTR's 25 Minutes. So cheesy. Second night, I refused to give up the microphone in NAV Karaoke until morning and demanded 1 hour extension after the second hour finished even though initially I hesitated to join them and they literally had to drag me to go out that night. How ironic. Anyway, we ended up singing for three consecutive hours. As a result, my voice became so hoarse like a wolf and I had a sore throat on the next day.

7. Intensive Culinary Marathons. Bakso, Pecel, Rujak Manis, Nasi Campur, Pangsit Mie, Nasi Goreng, Bistik Kakap, Chicken Steak, Pizza, Es Campur, Es Kacang Ijo, Kolak and so on. No wonder, I got chubbier after going home for only 10 days. I was very well fed.

8. BBQ. I initiated this gathering, but ended didn't do much except lending my hands to fry the 1 kg French Fries. I liked the grilled sausages the most though.

9. Visiting Sarangan. This was also my plan. I was the one who suggested this family reunion as we last had this place to visit back in 2004. Sarangan has become our big family's favorite (annual) place to visit during holidays dated back when I was about 8 years old. Sarangan's pecel, bakso, ronde, horse riding, vegetables, wet markets, batik, pants, cold weather - they are just alluring. However, I was knocked out during the whole visit in Sarangan. The super cold weather had made me a bed-ridden girl for 2 days and missed the New Year Celebration. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire ended celebrating the 2009 New Year with me. Now I wonder how come I survived riding out the bone biting Winter in Europe few years back.

10. Catching up with old pals - Shierly and Lily. Three of us are childhood best friends. Inseparable. We've been closed since we were so young. I could barely remember when I first met Lily but we were always together since babies as we lived nearby. I heard our Moms used to take us for evening walks together when we were still babies. I met Shierly (again) when I was 12 and always considered her to be my closest friend, aside Lily, until now. Shierly was engaged last December. My dear friend now is ready to be a wife. Wow. We grew up together, know each other so well and had gone through a lot together for the longest time I could recall. I only get to see them few times a year. We always make time to catch up whenever possible. What more can you ask for a friendship like this?

11. Practicing the old pieces with my Organ. I was musical. Did you know that? I religiously played violin and Organ for years when I was younger but school triumphantly took over my time to freely hang out with my music instruments when I entered University. Finally, my Organ was fixed last December after losing its "voice" for quite some time as the "owner" is barely around. I felt so much relief, relax and satisfied after playing all the old songs that I used to play to ease off few years back. Doing what I used to do with my old loyal 'musical friends' was the biggest ambition that has been recently coming back to me. I feel the strong will to start dwelling on the notes again. Maybe I shall start joining some classes.

12. Shopping with my family, having dinner with family, seeing my Mom's cook, eating the food that my Mom's prepared, watching DVDs in my Bro's room, chilling out with my siblings, helping out at my dad's store and other million little things I used to do at home.

No wonder this year's homesick is quite terrible. There is just so much things at home to enjoy and I've only got 10 days to maximize everything there. Holiday is never enough and now it's 2009 already. Back to work. Nobody's rich enough to buy back our past.

Hope for big changes and great things to happen in this 2009! Happy returns to come!


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