Sunday, January 18, 2009

A Sailor and the Three Sirens

"When you're curious, you find lots of interesting to do."
Walt Disney

Tonight we were running out of agenda on what other things we could do in Orchard other than shopping, movies and eating; so we kept on walking along the Orchard Road. Then, we found Orchard Towers area on Orchard Road as an interesting playground to explore. We were curious and wanted to play detectives there. We wanted to know how the sirens lure the weak-minded wandering sailors along the Orchard Road at night.

A Sailor and The Three Sirens

"For every man there exists a bait which he cannot resist swallowing"
Friedrich Nietzsche

"On Saturday night, an old Caucasian sailor was walking along the dark Orchard Road. He was scouting the area in front of the Thai Embassy. Alongside, he met three "exotic" sirens sitting on the bench ready to bait any available sailors. When they saw the old sailor, they sang alluring songs in a language that he was familiar with but in different accent.

Once he heard the song, the poor old sailor could not resist the sirens' lovely and beautiful voices. He was soon trapped amongst the three long-haired sirens. Two sirens just sat on the bench and the other one stood up. She was standing next to him. This particular siren was proactive. From afar, we could see how the long black haired siren flirted with the old sailor, touched his hand many times (finally held his hand) and did her parley to spend the night with him. Needless to say, she won. The weak old sailor surrendered and was immediately led to doom. Soon, they walked away leaving the other two sirens to keep looking for other sailors."

As we walked along the Orchard Towers and Orchard Hotel area, one of the business center in Singapore for this particular sector to satisfy our curiosity on how a famous 'entertainment' industry runs their business at night, we managed to observe how some entertainment associates professionally attracted buyers (i.e. sailors) - clearly, the more exposure, the better.

Acting cute (though they do look quite far from cute), being very flirty and seductive (most men are instantly carried away once they hear their venomous phrases), giving a lot of physical contacts and sweet talking are proven to be powerful in alluring buyers. Once we saw how an associate successfully closed a deal with her buyer, to fit the idea as amateur detectives, we wanted to know what would happen after that. So we followed the couple. We were curious to find out to which hotel these random hook-ups will end up.

Too bad the detectives were too tired tonight. We decided that home was the best route to follow at night. Hence, we called the instant investigation for a night and didn't really close whatever case we were trying to prove.

Sometimes it is too dangerous to satisfy our curiosity. But to all wandering (old) sailors out there, you lot better stay at home once the sun sets and stay healthy. Why eat burger outside when you have steak for dinner at home?

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