Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Almost Herbivory

I am a fussy eater. And, I am just about a herbivore.

People at home say I eat like a rabbit or hamster. Yep. Despite most of their colors are my favorite green, I am just a die hard veggies' fan and must include them in my daily diet. No veggies in my meal is like eating breakfast cereals without milk. It is that bad.

OK, what I have been eating for lunch at home over weekends or public holiday (like today) is hassle-free, super good and healthy, I guess.

High-Fiber Beef Spaghetti.


2 oz of steamed broccoli (Yes, massive of broccoli indeed for one serving).

1 serving of frozen home made beef spaghetti sauce (Courtesy of my little sister, a far better cook than me)

Wholegrain spaghetti.

Black pepper powder and chili sauce (for additional seasoning)

20 minutes later - It's lunch time!

Oh well, the most important thing here is the of course, the sauce. If y'all don't have this, sadly you have to make it first.

And I am running out of supply of these frozen sauces. Gee!

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