Sunday, January 25, 2009

Harvest Moon: Growing Plants in Real Life

I have always fancied playing Harvest Moon. I found virtually running a farm and growing plants very exciting. And indeed addictive. There were times when I just hit my brother's play station every morning once I got up from my bed, just to play Harvest Moon.

God, how I miss playing this game...!!!

I thought of having a dog or fish would be fun but they can be quite handful to take care in Singapore. Undoubtedly, they'd require quite a lot of money to keep and at this moment, I simply have no budget to afford other living beings than myself. Plus, I get bored easily.

So, I discovered gardening as my latest compelling venture. I have been thinking about growing flowers for quite some time. Not because of Harvest Moon, but I reckon this is just in the genes. I just love flowers. Watching people doing some gardening works has always been fun especially when the flowers have started to blossom, but I have always refused to step in the garden as I'm very much afraid of worms, insects and other possible creepy creatures coming out from the garden.

My Mom loves gardening. Few of my aunts practice this religiously. My cousin runs a chrysanthemum plantation.

I could remember how I enjoyed every bit of my life sucking the beauty of flowers when I was back in the Netherlands. How I miss watching the Narcissus' bulbs bloom in spring after the long quiet winter.

In short, I just can't runaway from floras.

Gardening in Singapore indeed takes a lot of considerations. There is literally no lawn to grow plants other than in small pots in the corridors in front of my unit. There are no good sun and rain exposures in apartments. And I have to be really committed to take care of them.

But today, I just decided to just start doing my new hobby and have finally started my very own minuscule garden. I skipped church (as I woke up very late) and went to NTUC Toa Payoh instead to buy some basic gardening ingredients. I needed soils and flowers' seeds.

I had no idea that there would be many kinds of soils. Deciding which soils and how many soils I might need was confusing. Fastest way was to ask the real gardener with extensive years of experience growing flowers and other plants. My Mom. I had to do some international conference calls with her just to find out what to do with the soils. She said 1 kg of soil is very little. So, I took 2 kgs of soils. One was the normal soil and the other one was the Horti Moss. Horti Moss looked like normal soils with enhanced fertilizers which are supposed to give healthy nutrition to the seeds, so I just grabbed them.

Then, I chose Balsam Seeds and Sunflower Dwarfs Seeds. The latter one better be really dwarf ones as I have no enough space to grow the real towering Sunflowers.

Another biggest issue in starting growing the plants was finding the pots. Could not find any in the Supermarkets. I have been checking three supermarkets in Bishan and Toa Payoh, still could not find one. I came across of using a plastic basins instead but they have no holes on the bottom. How frustrating.

Finally, after some tiring efforts to get some flower pots, I found two in a nearby Florist. S$4 for each. Quite reasonable so I bought two of them.

My new discovery:

Kicking off the planting hobby.

Balsam and Sunflower Dwarf: Day 1.

Can't wait to see them grow!

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