Saturday, January 24, 2009

Lo Hei Yu Sheng

"Christine, are you joining us for Lo Hei Yu Sheng later at 12.30?"
"Join you for what?"
"Lo Hei Yu Sheng. We have sent you an email about that..."


"OK. Read your email. What is Lo Hei? CNY lunch?"
"Umm, yeah. Something like that. It's a CNY tradition. You have never done this before?"
"No. Never heard."
"Anyway, are you joining us? Then, you'll know what Lo Hei is. $5 for each person."
"OK. I will"

I thought of CNY buffet lunch in the conference room all morning. Yu Sheng turns out to be Chinese raw fish salad. It consists of strips of raw fish (salmon), mixed with shredded vegetables and gingers as well as a variety of sauces, peanuts, crackers and condiments, among other ingredients. According to Wikipedia, it is a symbol of abundance, prosperity and vigor.

This dish is served as an appetizer to raise 'good luck' for the new year. It is usually eaten during CNY period. Heavily practiced in Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia amongst friends, families and colleagues. But, it's not practiced in China and Indonesia.

Friday, 23 January 2009. Last day before the long weekend.

Two boxes of Lo Hei Yu Sheng from Sakae Sushi had arrived. One for admins and producers and another for the marketing side.

The admin girls covered the entire meeting table in the conference room with newspaper. One box of yu sheng was opened.

"Can we start now? Is everybody here?"
"Grab your chopsticks"

Then, the admin girls started pouring all the sauces on the yu sheng (salad). Covered the salad with smashed peanuts and crackers.

After that, we all gathered around the table, with chopsticks in hand, we proceeded to toss the shredded ingredients into the air while saying these out loud repeatedly:

"More delegates"
"More money"
"More bonus"
"More speakers"
"More advertising"
"More budget"
"More database"

It appeared to be something like this. I forgot to take pictures.

The higher you toss, the greater your fortunes! Scream louder too!

We heard some of the marketing girls screamed:

"More boyfriends"

Should not wish for these in a business-setting environment, I think. No wonder the delegates number is always down the drain.

That was new (to me) and that was fun!

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