Saturday, December 20, 2008

Steamboat in Bugis

Never knew that 3 skinny ladies (plus me who is not that skinny of course) could finish all of these?? Last night, the fact was verified. Crime scene was at Xian De Lai Shanghai Cuisine, Bugis and the truth is, yes, we managed to clear them all in two rounds!

Propelled with the strong holiday spirit firing inside us, yesterday, Friday night after work, 4 of us have work set to leave Bharat Building and ready to hit Steamboat Restaurant in Bugis.

Arrived at Bugis's makan place at around 7 pm, we were contemplating hard. As usual, we always have hard times to decide where to go. Except for yesterday's case, the destination was clear: Steamboat Restaurant. However, we, again, could not decide whether we should go for price or food. We were faced with two options:

1. SGD 25 for full-serviced place, good steamboat, good peanut sauce
2. SGD 15 for buffet-style steamboat, OK food, not-so-good peanut sauce

After some thoughts, contemplations, light arguments and the normal 'whatever or up to you' responses, we finally came to conclusion that we'd rather go for Option 1. Good choice and timing. We got the best seat next to the window - we got the view (though at the end, this did not really matter as we were so focused on the food)! 10 minutes late, we would not have had table available.

We ordered almost everything - we called each stuff minimum in 2 portions. End of 1st round, I could not take it anymore. Already pretty full.

However, we were spending quite something here, why not order more? Needless to say, we called for another round. Only then, the photo sessions took place. We took pictures when the 2nd round was served, when we started putting all the stuff in the boiling soup and of course when we started eating them.

My biggest amazement was when I saw Netty, this model-figured young lady. I witnessed how unfair this world was: This super lean girl could eat A LOT (a lot in capital letters and italicized) yet is still so skinny... Whoaaaaaaa... If I did not witness this with my own eyes, I would not believe it either.

One or two hours later, we were full, well at least I was. At that point, I'd say crazy if we were not. We were happy, satisfied and indeed had a lot of fun (especially when we joked and talked about a Chinese Lady from Hell who was sitting next to us)!

SGD 25 was definitely worth spent with the satisfaction, cheers and bliss that we had over the free-flow dinner.

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