Sunday, December 21, 2008

Movie Review: Twilight

Last night I finally managed to watch this long-buzzed and long-waited TWILIGHT. Seems like Singapore was the last one to show this movie. Indonesia already showed this long-time ago, not sure about Malaysia but seems like they'd played this some time ago too.

Comments from me: I feel this was one of the best movies I watched in the past few weeks after Madagascar 2 and Body of Lies. I loved this one. I have heard some good comments about it and yes, story wise, it was good and amusing, especially the fights and the romance parts. Plus, the leading vampire was adorable. He was so cute and darn cool.

As per my normal practice, after watching a movie, I'd google it at home. After doing some post-movie researches on it, now I am so tempted to get the book. Should I get one today? (Note the word today - it really reflects the fact that when I want something, I want it now, most of the time)

I want to read the sequels which seem very interesting. My biggest concern now is: Will I be able to finish 1 book say, in a month? Last time, I read 1 good (interesting and funny) book in 5 months! This reality showed how I'd prefer to have hot dates with my laptop than my book at night. My books usually end up as my toilet reading. Thus, I only read 1 or 2 pages per day. No wonder, I finished 1 book in 5 months, huh??

Then, should I buy this one? Can I finish one fast, let alone the complete series - all four of them?

Anyway, the most critical part that I do when doing my post-movie researches is indeed researching the movie's leading man. For this one, last night (til a.m.) I did a lot of researches on Edward Cullen, the gorgeous vampire character and his real actor, Robert Pattinson.

In real life, this 22-year-old British hunk does not look so cool and charismatic at all. I found him rather shy and nervous most of the time when answering questions at TV interviews. Is it because he is new to Stardom, simply shy or just too young or is it because the interviewers asked pretty dumb questions to him during the interviews? I saw one of his interviews on Youtube where this British female interviewer asked him to answer her questions in 5 seconds. The dumbest question she threw at him was: "Do you prefer Harry Potter or Twilight?" The actor was like 'what the heck...?' and quickly answered "Umm... Twilight... Hahaha". I was like, of course, he'd say that as the interview took place at the Twilight promo set. Bodoh!

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