Monday, December 22, 2008

It Was Not A Blue Monday After All

"Wen, 14 more days to go before 23rd of Dec", I told Weny two weeks ago. We religiously did the countdown almost everyday.

Only in a glimpse, suddenly those 14 days have passed and came today, a long expected day and practically my last day in Singapore for the year of 2008. I have a 7.50 flight to catch tomorrow morning and will be heading to Surabaya and of course, the final destination would be Malang. My home.

Monday, 22 December 2008
I did not really have a "good" mood to work. I was completely aware that I had heck a lot of things to work on and a number of people to call. Yet, did not really managed to do them all as planned thanks to the showering rejections, out-of-office emails, season's greetings and delivery failure messages I received first thing in the morning. All in all, I'd blame my inefficiency today on the holiday mood. Holiday mood is a wonderful feeling. You don't have that every day but if you can't manage it well, it is quite a turn off at work. So, appreciation and a good management of holiday mood should go hand in hand.

Since morning, I was already looking forward to the company's Christmas Lunch, the first one that ever happened in the company's history I guess.

I was starving and waited for 12.30 like a hungry bear. 12.40, we were called to the conference room but when I saw the food served, my expectation suddenly went in line with gravity. My imagination of Christmas treat was a mere imagination. I feel like a real budget Christmas treat was served. Looks like the Financial Crisis has taken its bite (*joking*). I understand that they were not catered from Old Chang Kee but today's lunch menu was more like a set of Old Chang Kee's delicacies (i.e. tempura, spring rolls and sotong balls) met Fried Rice. The stars were a hotel-sponsored Christmas Turkey and fast-gone log cakes and cheese cakes. Oh, we had the tasteless mango puddings too today.

Then, after the mini feast, all of the staff were gathered to play a games. A blur one and not that fun. I know my administrator colleagues had spent quite some time and energy to prepare the game. Appreciated the efforts but sorry to say, it was pretty lame. They threw us a Christmas pop quiz, with multiple choice answers! Duh! Could have thought something better than this, girls!

After some time grueling with questions probed, at the end of the game my group, Group 2, was suddenly announced to be the Runner Up Winner of the game. Wow. I didn't know we answered most of the Christmas quizzes correctly. We got the presents too. Two non-edible presents: two complimentary gifts from a hotel that my company once used in Vietnam.

5 Things to Remember from this Rare ABF Christmas Lunch were:

1. A highly devoted Christian staff's outbreak from the the office Christmas lunch. This lost nun in Raffles Place who now works as an artist in the company did not want to join us simply because she does not celebrate Christmas (Christmas is not listed in the Bible, she always quotes)

2. Christmas Gift Exchange full of sarcasm. Too bad and pity to see Weny had to get the gift that was intended to someone else from Chinatown. Worst thing was that "someone else" happened to get Weny's cute Teddy Bear. Is this fated? Must have been related to the inauspicious number 4.

3. My Christmas Gift today - an inspirational paper weight from Kelvin. It says "Don't Worry, Be Happy" with a big smiley face in it. Is this a sign? Do I always look too tensed or stressed all the time?

4. Extra 'good' time to chit-chat with my Indonesian girls whilst eating lunch. Not forgetting the photo sessions indeed.

5. Photo sessions with the Production Team next to the Christmas Trees. We always take pictures whenever possible but I think today we took few good catches. Best thing was that we managed to get our MENSA colleague, James, to smile when the picture was taken. By the way, James is going to leave us soon. So sad, he has been a real brainer, good friend, great helper and unique entertainer whose humor standard rockets anybody's I've ever met. Look how sweet we are.

3 pm - Went down to post my Tax Residence Application with Weny as our office receptionist had refused to help us send it.

Tick... Tock.. Tick.. Tock.. its' 6 pm!!! Quickly made a few last phone calls to Middle East, hoping that anyone, any Sheiks or whoever from Middle East, I contacted today would accept my speaking invitation. Really wish to get some good news next year.

6.15 pm - Swung by to Marketing Area and found the girls. We decided to have a "quick" dinner first in Mei Hua before we headed home. The last after-work dinner for this year. I had my agar-agar as usual (I can't believe I am still not bored with it though I've been consuming them pretty much every day). Again, we talked a lot: lesbians, spinsters, boyfriends, brothers, uncles, aunties, marriage, wedding financing, mortgage, our company's Christmas Lunch, weird colleagues, what I look for in men and so on. Around 8.00, we called it a night and walked together to the MRT Station.

Last to-do-lists for today: Bought some soy biscuits from Mr. Bean and puffs from Old Chang Kee; and finished up my packing.

That's all about my pretty productive day today. Turned out today was not boring at all to be recorded so I ended up blogging til a.m. (again).

See you next year!

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