Thursday, December 18, 2008

Ladies' Nights

We, four of ABF's Indonesian employees - Weny, Netty, Shirley and I, have been hanging out together for three consecutive nights right after work. We have lunch together and go home together half of the time.

After 6, the usual practice would be either Shirley or I swing by to Weny and/or Netty's desks, check them out and just chit chat till both of them finally turn off their computers. If I am the one who happens to be busy, then Shirley and Weny would come by and ask me to call it a day.

These past three days have been amazing. Everyone is already in holiday mood. We are living weekdays as if weekends. Couldn't care less about work. We meet up again after work, have dinner somewhere, do a little bit window shopping (and some impulse buying) and then have a long good girls' talk.

Tuesday - 16 Dec - Venue: Orchard (Takashimaya)
Panelists: Weny, Netty and Christine
Activities: Window Shopping, Dinner, Casual chat and X'Mas Shopping
Pitstops: Charles and Keith, Pazzion, Taka Food Court and Watson
Topics addressed: office gossips, Korean food, Medan, Malaysia, boys, clubbing, alcohols, hang-over, passing out, massage, make-up workshops, mascara, nails, hair, skin, wedding dresses
Start time: around 7.30
End time: around 10.30

Wednesday - 17 Dec - Venue: Orchard (Wisma Atria's Food Republic)
Panelists: Weny, Netty, Shirley and Christine
Activities: Dinner and Casual Chat
Preliminary activities: Fought for seats in Food Republic (Lost to China couple *darn*)
Topics addressed: Parents, stylish Moms, brothers, sisters, brother complex, Jakarta, Semarang, Malang, Medan, Sarangan riding horses, food, home, feminine attitude, tomboy, Kelapa Gading, going to cinema alone, malls, boys, holiday, family pictures, studio photos, maids, type of rice, clothes, bajaj, becak, delman, slow eaters, Scientology, generation gaps, first record bought, Backstreet Boys, Boyzone, Britney Spears, New Kids on the Block, Michael Bolton, Doraemon, Dragon Ball, Sin Chan, Hello Kitty merchandise, Kero Kero Pi, Badz Badz Maru, Tweety, comics, Sunday cartoons, high schools, school uniforms, school shoes, school punishments, pencil case, school bags
Start time: around 7.00 pm
End time: around 10.30 pm

Thursday - 18 Dec - Venue: Mei Hua Food Court, Raffles Place
Panelists: Weny, Netty, Shirley and Christine
Activities: Dinner and Casual Chat
Preliminary activities: Standing in front of Indian Bank Building for quite sometime to decide where to go for Dinner and where to go on weekends
Topics addressed: Medan, Hokkian, Qiao Shen, Mandarin class, sushi, 6-packs, hot hunks, muscular bulky bodies, Indians, Models, Facial structures, Korean ex-boyfriend, obsessive ex-boyfriends, Grandmas, nods, salsa, belly dance, Jennifer Aniston, Madonna, Britney Spears, Shakira, Papaya, Persimmon, Longan, Durian, Mango, thoughtful family members, eating alone in public, cousins, "bankers", artificial fertilization, giving births, Friends' Joey, gays
Start time: around 6.30 pm
End time: around 8.30 pm

All of these things may sound rubbish and boring to all of you who did not join our panel discussions. But, here we are - 4 working Indonesian ladies in ABF from different hometowns and upbringings. When we talk, our topics range from modes of transportation to Mascaras and Hello Kitty. We just talk a lot about everything and anything we can think of and forget about time.

Not that long knowing these beautiful, fun and smart ladies, but I enjoy my every minute with them. We stop chatting only when we start yawning and cannot stand our sleepy eyes anymore.

Lucky to have best friends!

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