Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Things My Kid Says #10

Belated Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! I hope it's not too late to greet you all with this! I was MIA again because I was very busy and just got back from hometown last week.

Speaking of 2018, I just realized that this year is Naomi's last year in the Kindergarten... This means she is going to level up to Primary 1 next year!!! How time flies.

My baby girl is going to be a Primary School student in no time. I am both happy and sad with this huge milestone. Admittedly, I am mostly sad because going to Primary School means Naomi has to arrive to school before 7am (That's super duper early, man! Mr. Sun does not even rise yet by that time in this part of Malaysia where we live!), will have limited school holidays and the both of us need to be more serious in coping up with her studies. From this statement, I am sure everyone would agree I definitely don't fall into Tiger Mum category. LOL.

4 January 2018: Big girl already.

Anyway, referring to the original title of this post which is about creating records of my funny conversations with my 5yo:

I Hate Carrot

Few nights ago, I saw Naomi was playing with a baby doll (of which she also put a diaper on the doll's bottom using her old newborn napkin and cherry hair clip) in the living room.

She was pretending to feed the doll on the doll's baby chair (yep, her doll has a mini baby chair!) with some apple plush toys from IKEA that she placed on a pink plastic saucer.

I joined in her pretend play.

πŸ’: Naomi, feed the 'baby girl' with the carrots here. *handed her the carrots plush toy to her*.
πŸ‘§: No, Mommy. No! The baby eats apples. *pushed the carrots plush toy away*.
πŸ’: Why?
πŸ‘§: Because carrots are yucky!
πŸ’: What? No. Carrots are yummy. Carrots are good for your eyes.
πŸ‘§: No! Carrots are for rabbits!
πŸ’: LOL. Not really. We can eat carrots too. Carrots are not only for rabbits to eat.
πŸ‘§: Sssh!!! No. Mommy stop. *then proceeded to feed her doll and apple plush toys again*

Truth is, my veggie and fruit lover daughter has begun to hate carrots of late. Normally, she would eat any kind of veggies that I present on her meals. However, I don't know why she always asks us to remove carrots from her food every-time she sees this orange colored root vegetable on her plate these past few months. I have fed her with carrots since she was a baby and okay with eating carrots for years but recently, she decided to hate carrots out of the blue.

Anyway, I purposely handed her the carrots plush toy to Naomi when she was playing with her doll few nights ago as an attempt to make her like eating carrots again.

Obviously, I failed miserably and need to come up with other strategies.

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Things My Kid Says #9

Naomi is 5 years and 2 months old now and she is quite a chatterbox and loves to sing.

I noticed she mimics her friends' and teachers' manners of speech a lot and she often scolds or questions us and her brother like her teachers do on her. Sometimes my husband and I find Naomi's Aunty's style of speaking is funny, entertaining yet annoying at the same time.

Cheeky daughter is cheeky.

Kopitiam Talk

Our morning routine on weekend is to have breakfast out. One Saturday morning, we brought Naomi to a neighborhood food court for breakfast. She noticed her Dad was drinking a cup of coffee (mixed with evaporated milk) and she thought it was her favorite hot Milo.

πŸ‘§: Papa, I want this! *points at her Dad's cup of coffee*
πŸ‘¨: This one is not Milo. It's coffee.
πŸ’: Naomi, coffee is bitter.
πŸ‘¨: You sure you still want this?
πŸ‘§: *shakes her head*
πŸ‘¨: *continues sipping his hot coffee*
πŸ‘§: Papa, you drink cough ah?
πŸ‘¨: *bursts into laughter* Naomi, this is not cough. It's kof-ee.
πŸ‘§: Oh. Kow-fee.


Few weeks ago, Naomi often used the word "eraser, eraser" after she accidentally said the wrong words or lines (as if she could correct the lines she already let out with an eraser!).

We found it hilarious. Example:

πŸ’: Naomi, which way should we take to go home? Left or right?
πŸ‘§: Left! Left!
πŸ’: Are you sure?
πŸ‘§: Yes.
πŸ’: Eeeekk.... It's right! We need to turn right to go home.
πŸ‘§: Oh! *closes her mouth with one hand* Naomi ι”™δΊ†! (read: wrong) ι”™δΊ†! Eraser, eraser!

Washing Hands

Every night, I make my children change into their pajamas before going to bed. Sometimes Naomi is willing to do this by herself but most of the days, she turns into a lazy girl who just lies on the bed while I change her.

Last night, she was lying on her bed playing with her Dad's phone while I helped her changed short pants to pajama pants.

πŸ’: Naomi, did you wash your bottom after you peed just now?
πŸ‘¨: *teasing* Naomi's bum is so smelly. Naomi never washes or wipes her bums after she passes urine.
πŸ‘§: No! I washed already! Mommy, you use soup to wash (hands) ah?
πŸ‘¨: Soap! Not soup.
πŸ’: πŸ˜‚

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Making Pizza with Kids

Earlier this year, Naomi had a field trip with her teacher and school mates to Domino's Pizza restaurant and Balai Bomba in town. She had a chance to witness first hand on how to make a pizza at the local Domino's restaurant and if I am not mistaken she even had the opportunity to make pizza with her friends. To cut the story short, she had heaps of fun that day.

A couple weeks ago, I thought of recreating this pizza making activity with her at home. Little did I know that after I shared this pizza-making-with-Mommy idea with her, she kept on asking about it every single day for about week as if I owed her something.

Last Saturday, I realized this idea as my husband would be available to babysit B at home when I was busy preparing the pizza's ingredients from scratch. This whole pizza making activity literally took me about 5 hours to complete because I had so much disruptions during the process.

Our fruit of labor.

I actually love doing a cooking or baking activity with my kids (read: Naomi because B is still too young) simply because it's fun, memorable, educative and it's a great Mommy-child bonding opportunity. On the flip side, I don't really enjoy dealing with the enormous mess in the kitchen when I conduct a cooking-baking activity with kids because when I cook or bake with my little companion, normally I'd have to use more plates, bowls, trays or utensils (which I had to wash clean by myself after the session ends). On top of this, there would be more wet messy surfaces for me to wipe later on.

As such, to minimize the potential mess in the kitchen, last Saturday I prepared almost everything for the pizza. I only let Naomi put pizza topping on the rolled pizza dough as a way to involve her in our pizza making session.

All set for pizza making activity with my 5yo.

Before I called Naomi to join me in making the pizza, I made her wash her hands first, which she gladly obliged. I then arranged all the prepared ingredients for the pizza topping on our dining table.

So excited to start.

This time around I chose to make Hawaiian Pizza for Naomi because Naomi likes to steal and gobble all the pineapple cuts on our pizza every time we buy Hawaiian Pizza. She was so impatient when waiting for me to finish shaping the mini pizza crust and wanted to snack on the sliced sausages on the table. I reprimanded her several times not to eat them because those sausages were not even cooked yet.

Little hands busy making pizza.

I taught Naomi how to do the topping on a pizza once and she did the rest like a pro.

 Don't disturb me, Mommy.

Naomi was so engrossed adding the toppings on the pizza, she didn't let me nor her Dad give her a hand.

Yep, we should have flooded the pizza with more cheese!

Our Mini Pizzas were finally ready to go to the oven and excited Naomi attempted to help me carry the heavy tray to the kitchen.

Let's bake them, Mom.

However, the moment I saw Naomi carry the tray, I quickly took her tray over because she held the tray almost vertically as she slowly walked to the kitchen. Worried Mommy worried all the pizza would soon plonk to the floor. LOL.

Me and my pizza.

Look who's the happiest when the pizza was finally out from the oven and ate a pizza when it's still hot?

Moving on, here's the recipe I used to make the mini pizza last week. The pizza crust was so soft like a bun and we have the liberty to put almost anything we fancy eating for the topping. The original recipe recommends using tomato ketchup for the pizza sauce but I took the trouble in making the Bolognaise sauce myself by cooking fresh chopped tomatoes, oregano, tomato ketchup and some seasonings.

Mini Hawaiian Pizza
(Adapted from Tintin Rayner's book)

Mini Hawaiian Pizza.


For the dough:

200gr Bread flour
100gr All-purpose flour
40gr Sugar
1 Egg yolk
5gr Instant yeast
60gr Salted butter
150ml Cold water

For the toppings (free style):

Tomato ketchup/Bolognaise sauce
Shredded mozzarella
Sliced sausage
Sliced/chopped sweet onions, capsicums or mushrooms
Dried Oregano, for sprinkle
Shredded chicken
Pineapple cuts

  1. To make the dough: Place all ingredients except butter into the bread maker. Once it has formed into a dough, add in butter. Knead twice and proof the dough for 30 mins.
  2. Turn the dough into small balls and flatten each dough ball by using hands or rolling pins.
  3. Smear the top of the flattened pizza dough with tomato or Bolognaise sauce. Add the toppings that you want then sprinkle the pizza top with dried oregano and cheese.
  4. Bake the pizza in a preheated oven at 180-200 C for about 10-12 minutes or until golden brown.