Thursday, June 22, 2017

Things My Kid Says #8

I better jot all these down before I forget about them.


Edamame in Indonesia is so much cheaper compared to Malaysia. My Mom always buys few big packs of them in the wet market and serves heaps of the boiled edamame for us when we are home. Naomi, just like her Dad, loves eating Edamame.

One night before bed time, Naomi suddenly remembered of the Edamame she ate during the day and wanted to eat them again.

👧: Mommy. I want Eda 的妈咪 (read: E-da-de-ma-mi or Eda's Mommy)...
💁: ???
👧: Mommy. I want E.. da.. 的 .. 妈.. 咪..
💁: Who ah?
👧: Naomi want Eda 的妈咪.. mam-mam...
💁: OHHHH! *Pentium-4-Processor-finally-got-the-memo*

12 May 2017: This year's Mother's Day craft from Naomi.

Stop Nagging

Copying what her teachers often say when the kids talk a lot during lessons, I reckon, Naomi loves to do the following when her parent nags at her or scolds her after doing something wrong.

💁: Naomi, you cannot do xxxx... because xxx... You understand or not?

👧: Mommy, close your mouth! *put her hand on my mouth*


👨: Naomi, don't do this again, OK! It's dangerous, bla.. bla.. bla...
👧: Ugh! Papa, stop (talking)! Papa, close your mouth.


We were having dinner at a famous noodle and sweet soup (糖水) stall near my husband's ex-office building. I bought some konnyaku jellies for Naomi because she loves eating jellies. However, she does not like jellies that have fruit cuts or canned fruit bits (like longan or lychee) on the inside.

👧: ** trying to get rid of the lychee bits from the jelly with a fork and her fingers**
💁: It's okay, Naomi. This is lychee... It's nice and sweet. You try.

👧: I don't want, Mommy. *still busy removing the lychee from the jelly*
💁: You try the lychee first. You try.
👧: No! Mommy, I don't want. I don't want this 垃圾 (read: lājÄ« , means rubbish).
💁: LOL. Not 垃圾 .. Ly .. Chee..


After watching a cartoon of which the characters could fly and all.
👧Papa!! *jump* *jump* "I want superpower.....!!!
👨: Oh. How to give you hor..?  I myself don't have one.
👧: ...

Little Pony

While waiting for husband in Parents'-in-Law's car after a grocery shopping, as usual, Naomi wanted to watch YouTube using her Grandpa's phone and asked him to search something in YouTube.

👧Ah Gong, I want horse! I want dragon! *while pointing the hand-phone*

 (Her animal request is always random but she was referring to Little Pony) 

Grandpa was a bit distracted and busy holding Brennan (because little man only wants Grandpa when he is around) who kept on touching all the buttons he could find in the car's dashboard.
👴🏻Huh? What ? 
👧: Ah Gong!
👴🏻: What do you want ah?
👧Ah Gong! I want! I want horse dragon!
👴🏻What? Volkswagen?
👧: ???

Thursday, June 15, 2017

How to Get Permanent Residency (PR) in Malaysia: Part 3

Just a little updates on the progress of the above matter...

As I shared before, I submitted my PR application in Malaysia to the Immigration Office back in December 2016 and had the interview with the Police approximately two months after that (February 2017).

Since then, I periodically check my PR application status online but always get the same read: application is still in process. You can find your Nombor Rujukan in the receipt you got after you successfully submitted the application documents.

As my passport was expiring in 2018 and I had to renew my spouse visa by early June 2017, last month I had to make a trip to the Indonesian Embassy in KL to make a new passport book and once I got it, my husband and I immediately renewed my spouse visa at the local Immigration Office as usual. Understanding that my PR application process is still ongoing, I was granted the visa extension for two years.

Documents to bring to make a new passport at the Indonesian Embassy in Kuala Lumpur:
  1. Photocopy of current passport's first page, visa page and last page (write down your address and phone numbers in Malaysia and Indonesia at the back of this document)
  2. Photocopy of Marriage Certificate in Malaysia
  3. Photocopy of Malaysian's spouse's IC Card

*Bring the original documents too for verification purpose, just in case
**Note that the earlier you get to the Embassy in KL the better because the queue in the Embassy is crazy long. Priorities/fast lane is given to senior people, expectant mothers and mothers with babies or young kids. I secretly thanked Brennan for helping me cut the 150-200 queues when submitting my new passport's documents and collecting the new book.
*** Cost (as per May 2017): RM 48 for the 24 pages' book. RM 102 for the 48 pages' book.

Back to my PR application topic, yesterday I got a letter from Jabatan Imigresen in my mailbox. I was actually nervous (and jumping for joy too!) when opening the letter, hoping I'd read the most wanted one-liner that says "Your PR Application is Successful" or something like that. But nope, apparently it was a formal invitation for another round of interview, this time around is with the Jabatan Imigresen N. Sembilan (the state where I reside).

My husband and I are scheduled to attend this interview in late August and ought to bring the original invitation letter and following documents along during the interview:
  • Photocopy of Marriage Registration/Certificates 
  • Photocopy of Applicant's passport books (since entering Malaysia)
  • Photocopy of Sponsor's passport
  • Photocopy of Sponsor's IC 
  • Photocopy of Sponsor's, Applicant's and Children's birth certificates

I was a tad disappointed when I found out that the letter was yet another interview invitation instead of a letter saying that my PR application was successful but my husband thought differently and positively -- at least my application is now progressing, which is true.

Finally, I still have no idea on the potential questions during the next round of interview with the Immigration folks but will update when I'm done with it. Hopefully all goes well just like the first one! *fingerscrossed*

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Marginal Kerastitis.... Continued

Since ophthalmologist diagnosed my eyes with Marginal Kerastitis a month ago, I have successfully kept myself away from wearing contact lenses (I have gotten rid of the newly used contact lenses and the opened solution bottle too!) for about a month now.

Please clap for me.

OTW to a birthday party: My gal and I.

The first week of not wearing contact lenses was nothing short of frustrating. I was in constant bad mood and lazy to do anything because I could not see things near and far very clearly, even with my specs on.  I was in such a bad mood I almost wanted to break my spectacles' frame into two so many times in a day (but didn't eventually do so because you know, new pair of specs are not exactly cheap lah... and money doesn't grow on trees). I got pretty bummed I didn't even bother cleaning my house for days (where's that infamous OCD lady that looks like me living in my house?) because I could not even see if my house's floor was dirty or what so why waste my energy and time, right? #Out_of_sight_out_of_mind This happened for so many days until one night, my husband asked me to vacuum clean our bedroom's floor because there were so many fallen hair strands (mine!) scattered on the floor. Moreover, I got so lazy putting up make up when going out because any eye looks, especially eye-shadows and eyeliner, are often rendered useless for specs wearers.

In that first week sans contact lenses on my eyes, I frequently complained to my husband that everything I saw was very blurry. I could not watch TV nor read the texts on my hand-phone or laptop without having the tip of my nose touch the screen. My current specs were not comfortable because they're too big for my face. I was overall still not used to wearing my specs and they gave me mild headache especially when I had to go out or drive. Alas, I thought I needed to get a new pair of eyeglasses with correct power measurement as mine was made nearly two years ago.

One Saturday afternoon, my husband brought me to an eye-wear shop not far from our home to get new glasses. After about an hour examining my eyes, two opticians in that shop gave up. One of them wrote a reference letter for me to go to an eye specialist and get accurate correct lens' power measurement from the doctor as they were not able to do so. Seemingly, healthy eyes would generally have 999 score written on the small paper that the eye vision examination machine in the shop produces. This score actually measures the ability of the eyes muscles pumping blood to the eyes or something like that and determines accurate reading during an eye examination. Guess what, mine resulted in 555 only. This reading shocked me greatly because the optician said when the reading comes out in 222 or 333 score that usually means total darkness.

Needless to say, I went to see the eye doctor again in the next morning.

On my second consultation with the ophthalmologist, after I shared with her the issues I encountered at the eye-wear shop the day before, she did a more thorough exam on both of my corneas. She then declared that due to prolonged wear of contact lenses, my corneas were sort of crying out for oxygen and there were a lot of dry spots on my corneas. There's erosion in my left cornea and my right cornea began to experience inflammation too. She further explained that this happened because contact lenses actually cover iris so there would be no oxygen for the eyes if contact lenses are worn more than 6-8 hours a day. Before I left her office, she asked me to continue using the antibiotic drops for both eyes for another week.

Moving on, this doctor assigned the clinic's optometrist to do a vision test on my eyes as well so I would be able to make new specs, despite her guess that this may just be another futile attempt as my eyes were still inflamed. As expected, after checking my eyes' vision for few minutes, the optometrist also told me to do another vision examination some other time when the inflammation in my eyes had reduced and my eyes' health are in better state because inflamed eyes would not give accurate vision reading and cause blurry vision no matter what. On top of using the prescribed eye drops from doctor, she also advised me to look something far away to relax my eyes every time my eyes get blurry or tired.

Last Sunday, I went to see the ophthalmologist in the same clinic for follow-up check as my eyes still feel dry, tired and experience burning sensation every now and then. The doctor gave me a check on my eyes' corneas and movements as well as my eyelids. She found out that there are still dry spots in my corneas although my eyes are not inflamed anymore as in my Marginal Kerastitis is slightly better now and the antibiotic eye drop is no longer needed. Nonetheless, no green light to make a new pair of specs was given yet as it will still take a long-term treatment to cure my Marginal Kerastitis. I will still have to use the eye drop for dry eyes few times in a day for few months and am now recommended to carry this eye drop everywhere I go. This doctor reiterated that not wearing contact lenses again permanently is the best option or we can review whether I can wear contact lenses again or what type of contact lenses I could wear in the future when things get better.

After this whole ordeal with blurry and painful eyes, not to mention the financial costs involved thus far, I am not too inclined in wearing contact lenses again. I have now slowly gotten used to wearing specs although if I got a choice, I'd rather not. LOL. But seriously, it really takes time and effort to get used to wearing specs on daily basis after years of wearing contact lenses.

If only there was a real warning of the negative side effects in wearing contact lenses for prolonged use, I could have avoided all these problems. But yeah, regrets always come in the end.

Lastly, my next appointment with this ophthalmologist is next month.. and we'll see what's the progress then. Hopefully, no more bad news.