Friday, April 18, 2014

Making Bubur Sagu Mutiara (Sago Pearls Dessert)

Few weeks ago I stumbled upon green sagu mutiara (sago pearls) at a local supermarket. I noticed that a medium pack of sago pearls didn't cost much so I bought one.

Since I happened to keep some jack fruit in my fridge this week, I thought of turning my sago pearls into some nice Indonesian dessert, which my Mom often made back then, and serve it with the jack fruit.

Two days ago, I decided to cook my sago pearls by putting 1/4 of the pack onto a half pan of water and planned to boil them together. When Naomi's Nanny saw me doing this, she asked me what I was doing and prompted that my sago pearls' cooking method was all wrong. She advised me to soak the sago pearls in a bowl of cold water for few minutes then cook them in boiling water whilst stirring them constantly. In the end, she offered to cook the sago pearls for me. I was like "Okay... Go ahead." and I went upstairs. Minutes later, the Nanny told me the sago pearls was ready and she was going to go home.

After the Nanny left, I checked on the sago pearls that she cooked. I thought something went terribly wrong here. The sago pearls in the pan smelled weird (burnt?), very watery and shapeless. I could not see them in the form of pearls at all. They looked slightly more like melted agar-agar. In the end, I had to waste them since I thought this would not be edible either and began making sago pearls again from zero. This time I did a bit of internet reading before started experimenting with the sago pearls.

One source in the internet mentions that to avoid mashed sago pearls, we don't have to soak the pearls in the water and start cooking them right away. I tried this method and it worked. Perhaps, some kind or specific brand of sago pearls just doesn't require any soaking?

So here you go, the recipe that I used to make the sago pearls dessert. It is based from this source. By right, this dessert should be easy to prepare; it's just that we need to be a bit wary when cooking it so it doesn't stick to the pan (especially if this is your first time cooking it). Constant stirring is required when cooking sago pearls but not over-stirring as this will ruin the final result of the cooked sago pearls.

My first home-made Bubur Sagu Mutiara.

Bubur Sagu Mutiara (Sago Pearls Dessert)


  • 250gr Sagu mutiara (sago pearls)
  • 500ml Water
  • 150gr Sugar, as needed
  • 3 Pandan leaves
  • 200-250ml Coconut milk
  • A dash of salt
  • Jackfruit, to garnish (optional)

  1. To cook the sago pearls: Bring water to boil. Add in sugar and 2 pandan leaves into the water. Make sure the sugar dissolve in the water.
  2. Once the water is boiling, pour the sago pearls into it. Lower the heat to medium.
  3. Keep stirring (but not over-stir) the sago pearls so it won't stick to the bottom and side of the pan.
  4. Cook the sago pearls until it thickens and produces jelly-like and translucent consistency. You may want to taste it to check if it's sweet enough. If it isn't, add some sugar. Also, if the water is not enough to cook through the sago pearls, it's okay to add some water into the pan while cooking.
  5. Once done, set the cooked sago pearls aside and began cooking the coconut sauce.
  6. To make the coconut sauce: Bring to boil coconut milk, salt and pandan leave. Stir the coconut milk once a while when cooking it. Once done, set aside.
  7. To serve: Put some sago pearls in a small bowl. Top it with some jack fruit cubes and few spoons of coconut sauce. Best served warm.

Simple Indonesian style sago pearls dessert.

In the future, I think I'd need to buy sago pearls that are sold by trusted manufacturer (or branded). The one that I bought was actually supermarket label sago pearls and I am not so satisfied with its quality. In addition, it is best to use honey jackfruit (nangka madu) for this dessert because this variant of jack-fruit has really strong aroma and very sweet.

Anyway, for a first timer, I think I eventually got the hang of cooking the sago pearls correctly.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Welcoming Second Trisemester

I have been pregnant with baby #2 for about 12 weeks now and my second trisemester is pretty much here (yehey!). You do know that second trisemester is often considered as the best period of pregnancy, don't you?

I visited my gynae for my 4th antenatal visit yesterday afternoon and she said she was doing a very important ultrasound scan on baby #2 yesterday. She checked little jellybean's bones and skull structures, heart, arms and legs and I am so grateful that everything turned normal.

Although I still very much think about baby #2's gender and am REALLY curious about it, but when it times to lying on the gynae's bed for an ultrasound scan, I am more anxious about my baby's overall health. I just want baby #2 to be perfectly healthy and normal above anything.

12 April 2014: Baby #2 at 12 weeks.

I saw baby #2 started kicking around yesterday and it's so cute! He or she is about 5cm long now so it's still rather small and I can't even notice my pregnancy bump by now.

Anyway, I had not gained so much weight so far I think. My gynae didn't mention about this yesterday because I actually missed the chance to get the nurse to record my weight etc as I arrived to the hospital pretty late. My husband asked me to weigh myself in the hospital's weighing scale and if I saw correctly, I only gained like 1-1.5kg to date! Given my bigger appetite and no morning sickness on my first trisemester, this fact is a bit hard to believe; especially since when I was pregnant with Naomi, I gained like 2 kg every month (I even nauseated and vomited once or twice back then!).

Before I ended my antenatal visit yesterday, I casually asked my gynae if it's safe for me to perm my hair. My hair now looks crazy, thin and ugly so I always pony-tail it and am desperate to go to a hair salon to fix it. My gynae said perming hair during pregnancy is fine (phew!), colouring hair is the one that is not recommended for preggers. So I think I'll be meeting my hairdresser for a hair perm next weekend.

Finally, here's a picture of me with my 12 weeks' bump. Still not pretty obvious, is it? My husband took this picture of me last night just before we went out for dinner.

My 12 weeks' bump.

By the way, please read my weekly pregnancy symptoms from my 2nd Pregnancy Journal. It's easier for me to update the symptoms there and I try not to relay the same messages I've written there in my blog posts to avoid repetition.

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Prettified by RibbonMadness Store

Being a Mom to a baby girl, I always drool over cute, girly and pretty stuff for my minion especially when my friends post their baby girls' pictures in the internet, all dolled up in matching outfits and headbands. When Naomi was just a few months old, I came across RibbonMadness Store, a Jakarta-based handmade ribbon designer, on Instagram because my BFF uploaded her baby girl's picture wearing the handmade headband by RibbonMadness Store. Back then, I could only be smitten with every picture posted on RibbonMadness Store's Instagram account, double tapped almost all the pictures posted there and imagined that someday my own baby girl would wear those pretty things on her luscious black hair.

When I was about to go home to Indonesia sometime last year, I could not hold my desire to buy some of the ribbon headbands by RibbonMadness Store for my little girl and ordered some for Naomi through my BFF who also made some headbands purchases for her baby girl. I asked my BFF to pay those customized ribbon headbands for me first. I collected the stuff and paid my BFF back when I saw her in person in my home town. Both Naomi and my BFF's little girl wore RibbonMadness Store's ribbon headbands on some of their first studio photo shoots. I was so excited and happy to eventually see my Naomi wore the famous RibbonMadness Store' headbands that had been such a huge hype among Indonesian mommies in the Instagram space.

What do I like most about the handmade ribbon headpieces by RibbonMadness Store? First, it's gotta be its endless array of classy and creative designs. RibbonMadness Store has a vast collection of customized headpieces for babies, kids and even adults. Flowers, classic ribbon bows or combination of flowers, pearls and bows, in any colour and pattern. You name it! New products with brand new designs are released periodically and there are limited cool products sold for festive seasons like CNY or Christmas too! The talented lady behind RibbonMadness Store does customized headpieces, brooches or wrist corsages to match your or your baby's party outfits too. This said, you can always discuss or send the picture of your dress/costume and leave it to RibbonMadness Store to create something nice and personal to complement your (or your baby's) dress so long the materials are available.

Second, the product quality. RibbonMadness Store's headpieces are made of high-quality material, neatly done, exactly the same as per shown in the pictures on its online gallery, well-crafted and strong. In addition, when I bought some for my 7 m/o Baby Naomi last year, they came in the perfect sizes for Naomi's head. Yep, it's best to mention the age of your baby or kids to RibbonMadness Store when you make the order of soft headbands to ensure that they fit to your baby's head nicely. Third, the great service provided by RibbonMadness Store to its customers. The young lady who runs RibbonMadness Store is undoubtedly friendly, surely knows what's best for her customers' needs and provides after-sale service just in case your headpieces is broken or their sizes don't fit well to your babies any longer as your kiddos grow bigger. Should customers wish to adjust the size of their babies' headbands or change the soft headbands into hard-bands, hair grips or hair-clips; they can mail the products back to RibbonMadness Store and it will be happy to readjust the products at minimum service charge.

Understanding that these days Naomi is not eager to wear headbands any more; recently, RibbonMadness Store sent some of its latest hair clip collections to Naomi. Who was more excited in receiving this package from RibbonMadness Store, you guess? Naomi or her Mom? Umm... Her Mom of course.

The package from RibbonMadness Store arrived sound and safely to Malaysia on one Friday afternoon and when I opened it, I went gaga to see all the cute hair clips thoughtfully prepared for my little girl. The hair clips, sent all the way from Jakarta to Seremban, were wrapped tightly and came with floral hard-carton boxes for the hair clippies' storage.


Before I move on, have a good look at each of the pretty hair clips that were sent to Naomi.

 Tiara Crown Hair Clip.

 Knit Mickey Head, Bunny Ear and New Year's Eve Mini Hat Clippies.

 Flowery Hair Clips.

Ribbon Bows Hair Clips.

Anyway, in the past few weeks, I have appointed Naomi to become my model for RibbonMadness Store's hair clips and following are the final results of the candid photo shoots that I did on her. Out of some 50-60 pictures of Naomi wearing RibbonMadness Store's hair clips, only few of them are good to be shown here. Naomi is so active and it is incredibly challenging to get nice photos of her when she is not in the mood of taking pictures.

 Naomi rocks polkadot blue flower clip.

Pretty much now?

 Naomi wears Shabby Daisy Clippy.

 Naomi and her Knitty Mickey Head clippy before going to supermarket with Mommy.

Peach Rosette Clippy for Naomi.

Naomi shows off her Polka Fritters Clippy to match her shirt.

See how much difference headpieces would make on little girls? They simply transform them from cute and pretty into such sweet, feminine and adorable little princesses.

Last but not least, be sure to check out RibbonMadness Store's impressive handmade headpieces gallery on Instagram and Facebook and be ready to fall in love with those eye candies, Mommies! Make sure you follow RibbonMadness Store's Instagram and Facebook accounts so you don't miss its latest product updates, promotions and cool giveaways! You can make your order or purchase directly on its Instagram or Facebook accounts or be in touch the designer directly at the stated contact numbers there.

RibbonMadness Store now SHIPS WORLDWIDE; so Mommies, wherever you are, you can prettify your little darlings with RibbonMadness Store' handmade headpiece creations now.

**RibbonMadness Store's handmade ribbon headpieces gallery is available on Instagram and Facebook.